Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Crazy Times Indeed

Well two weeks is almost up here. Tis the night before we return home and we are definitely ready to be getting back. Annie is still sick with little signs of improvement. I've since started to feel ill and I imagine I will be sick by the time I get home. Looks like a doctor's visit will be first order of business once we touch down. In the meantime we've experimented with different types of "medicine", raging from hot ginseng drinks to some Chinese 50 herb pellets Annie's grandfather originally developed and passed on to her grandmother. Nothing has really made much difference but NyQuil seems to be doing the trick at night. Gage, surprisingly is fine although he the suffered 20 or so "mogi" bites early on in the trip and his portable crib has broken down recently. I guess this is what happens when you spent most of the trip off the beaten path.


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