Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Crazy Times Indeed

Well two weeks is almost up here. Tis the night before we return home and we are definitely ready to be getting back. Annie is still sick with little signs of improvement. I've since started to feel ill and I imagine I will be sick by the time I get home. Looks like a doctor's visit will be first order of business once we touch down. In the meantime we've experimented with different types of "medicine", raging from hot ginseng drinks to some Chinese 50 herb pellets Annie's grandfather originally developed and passed on to her grandmother. Nothing has really made much difference but NyQuil seems to be doing the trick at night. Gage, surprisingly is fine although he the suffered 20 or so "mogi" bites early on in the trip and his portable crib has broken down recently. I guess this is what happens when you spent most of the trip off the beaten path.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Seoraksan National Park

Couple shots from yesterday's drive through the mountains. We hit some crazy fog and ended up at a Buddhist temple.
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Dinner last night


We'll I'm finally back online after a crazy adventure through Korea with only a couple days left to go. I could not find any available WiFi networks and my ethernet configuration was jacked up so that is why the long delay. We are in Seoul right now and those internet tubes are plentiful here. Everyone is watching the "The King and I", a popular Korean drama, so I thought I'd sneak in a quite blog entry. We just wanted to know we are all doing well here. This trip has been a series of ups and downs, good times, crazy times, and bad times. We've done so much a so little time, visited so many relatives, and ate lots and lots of Korea food. All and all we can't wait to get back home, eat a hamburger, and just get some sleep in a new comfy bed.

BTW, this is not a picture of what we ate last night.
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Friday, October 5, 2007

We Have Arrived!!!

It's Day Three here!!

Sitting right now in a pcbong in Pyeongtak, Korea. Pretty crazy adventure so far. First day was just a plane ride. The ride was really nice even though it was about 13 hours long. We got fed really well on the plane and had a great selection of movies and music. Annie and I watched "Knocked Up" which had some funny moments. Gage had a bassinet which he stayed in most of the time and really didn't cry until the very end.

The second day we landed in Seoul, arriving around 6PM. Landing and customs went pretty okay but we had a little problem at customs but nothing major. I wish I could add some pictures of the reunion but so far there is no WiFi so I can't transfer the photos off my lappy. Will try to load some later. We all went out to a huge sushi dinner and came back and crashed the night.

So right now we're adjusting to the new schedule but it has actually not been too too bad. Gage slept through the night to our surprise although I think we will not be so lucky tonight. He passed out this afternoon when we went to the market and still hasn't woken up for dinner! We had a great time at the E-Mart. Looks of foods to sample there. The place was huge and we picked up some Korean and Japanese baby food and diapers.

Anyway I got to keep this first one short. Got lot of sun today and haven't really been drinking enough water so starting to feel pretty tired now. More to follow ...


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